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Any normal Russian woman would jump on the opportunity and start writing to you in Russian.

)Russian dating agencies know their business and can find out information about their applicants through their local contacts that you may not be able to find.

It wasn’t a pretty sight IF you compare it to what we can log into today on the internet. Today it’s nothing short of mind boggling and getting better all the time, or one hopes it is. [Read more...] Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing a long-time or short-time partner.

For men who are looking for women of Latina heritage, Amo Latina – which literally translates to “I love Latina” – is the perfect website to find what Latina loving men are looking for. [Read more...] Choosing the right dating website for your needs can be challenging, especially when there are so many of them out there.

If you have any doubt whether this person is a scammer or not, I need to tell you that whilst you may have heard about "Russian women scammers" or "Russian brides scammers", most Russian bride scams are run by men, who write letters, gather photos and arrange people to receive funds in Western Union - and the women receiving the money are NOT the pretty women in the photos; they are usually old and unattractive, and they are certainly NOT the women who you are supposedly corresponding with.

The series of letters are prewritten and hundreds of other potential victims receive the same letters.

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Surprisingly, every Russian woman you are writing to will ask the same question: "Why do you want to find a wife in Russia?

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