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Short term, sexual hookups with foreigners can happen at any time and place.A Cubana (generic name of a Cuban woman) might never dream of hooking up and who maybe has never even talked with a foreigner, might jump at the chance if she is approached for simple directions to the nearest restaurant.If you want to jump to the sex, go ahead but do return to learn more about how things work in that strange island just seventy miles off the coast of Florida but still living like it 1965. Well, let's say the situations and broad strokes true but in the fog of lust my memory may enhance some details.I was keeping a diary and my notes in it were written the same night or the next day after great encounters so they should be pretty accurate.It was my first of many rides in an old 1950's American car kept running miraculously by ingenious mechanics.That night I visited a bar on a terrace that my Cuban friend told me was a prime place to pick up a Cuban girl a chica as he called them.It had nice Spanish music playing in the background with ten or so small tables for four scattered around a small open dancing area where several attractive young girls were dancing with either other girls or older men.I went to the bar to order a beer and a pretty young lady in her early twenties dressed in a cute miniskirt came up beside me.

Then she shocked the shit out of me by sitting in my lap and kissing my neck while whispering soft Spanish words of which only "mi amor" sounded familiar.

But in this first piece, it's important to give you the background so you can better understand what's happening and why. I first came to Cuba in 2000 after a fifteen year marriage ended in an amicable divorce.

I was forty, starting my midlife crisis and looking for fun.

As soon as the foreigner's vacation time is up and leaves, the boyfriend or husband moves back into the casa and life moves on until he has another vacation.

Hell, if the house is a big one with a big extended family living there, it may be that one of the brothers or cousins is really the woman's husband who sleeps in a different room while his wife or girlfriend is getting fucked in another by the sugar-daddy foreigner.

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