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Although we weren't roomies after freshman year, she and I kept in touch.

I still text and talk with her and to this day we try to get together once in a while. You're planning a big surprise party and need my help? I mean the surprise part is right and I definitely need your help." She was not making any sense.

The shape was not quite heart-like and her cheeks looked round and firm. I wondered if I were going to be subjected to this nudity on a regular basis.

One week into my first semester and I was seriously thinking of calling my parents to come get me. The number of women I had to deal with on a daily basis as we tried to get our showers in and bathroom duties completed was more than stressful.

She was headed to the bathroom and had her head down looking at her i Pod. College is all about meeting people and making friends. "You know, I think you just might have a sense of humor buried in there." I grinned and accepted what I hoped was a compliment. "No, I didn't think she wanted to talk with me." "She's intimidated by you, Marnie.

She screamed, my caddy went flying and I fell flat on my butt. Nice tits, by the way." I know I was scarlet with embarrassment, but managed to reply, "Marnie Adams. Learning about life, taking chances, getting educated, and growing up. " Once again, she lost me in her running train of thought. Steph suggested we meet up for the dorm mixer on Friday night. You represent all the pretty girls in school who either never even acknowledged she existed or made fun of her." "How do you know all this? "We have a psych class together and after I knew she was your roommate, I made it a point to talk with her." "God, Steph, you are like way more pretty and popular than I am.

To say she's my best friend would be a big understatement. Ever since we literally ran into each other freshman year of college, we've been the most important person in each other's lives.

"It's 'No' on all those things, but I need to see you. " I was planning to go shopping, but Steph sounded stressed. I can then get some shopping done after lunch." We agreed on a time and Steph rang off.

She lifted my shower caddy and stood, while I clumsily held my towel and gained my footing. "Uh, I'm finished at one." "Meet you at the dining hall." She moved past me and disappeared round the corner. I didn't even know this girl and I had agreed to have lunch with her. Steph had an easy way about her and a sly sense of humor. I introduced them when Steph stopped by so we could go out for lunch on a Saturday. "Why does she dress like that or have all the piercings and tattoos if she wants to be accepted? "Why do you look like you order your clothes from some 'Normal Girl' catalogues? If you notice, she really doesn't hang with the other Goths.

I discovered she was not as hard as I imagined and I think she realized I was not as dull as she thought I was.

I hope she also realized that I was not a snob and didn't have negative thoughts about her.

I remember one instance when I think she began to understand that I was not judging her in a negative way. She started shaking and then the most amazing thing happened. Her tears turned to sobs and I rubbed her back as she cried. I'm not making this up." Chain regarded her naked body in the full length mirror.

It was midway through the first semester, when our relationship became something we both needed. Tears began rolling down her cheeks, leaving black trails from her mascara. When she got herself under control, she squeezed me and stepped back. "I don't think I could take it if you're punking me." "No punking, Chain. I want to get to know you a lot more—like being friends." She nodded and grinned for about the first time since I met her. "You didn't mention my fucking non-existent ass," she said catching my eye in the mirror's reflection. Awesome ass, babe." We both cracked up and for the second time that night and in my life, I received a hug from a naked woman.

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