Waved hello dating consolidating 401k loans

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Waved hello dating

They both grilled me before bedtime and mother assured me she would see to it I was free for the weekend. Then I would see how father responded to my appearance and my dating of a man.

“ Oh my, Mistress Nicole and Mistress Virginia! ” Lulu gushed as she minced her way delicately to the front of the jewelry counter.

While mother took the pictures, Gin put on a CD of torch songs and Broadway show tunes by Barbara Streisand.

They both smiled as mother put me through my paces as if I were a starlet. Miss Virginia answered it and said to Mother Nicole, “ It’s for Miss Rhonda, ma’am. Antonio Molino is calling.” I began to arise from the divan to object but mother put a stop to this by holding her hand up to me.

I was told to merely towel it dry and use a leave on conditioner.

Then I was corseted, and put into a long, very romantically styled pink satin negligee.

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Until I saw these, I had not realized how truly feminine I appeared. The day of my salon appointment, with my red pant suit with the ruffled cuffs on both the pants and jacket, and my permanently waved hair, I looked much the part of a freshly groomed poodle. He responded in kind and we began to chat, first discussing my salon trip. He talked sexily, telling me how very attractive I was and how he wished that one-day he could beautify me.