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Kim Eun Sook explains that she’s always had this story in mind and had the outline written sometime ago, tackling an era not about the independence movement but prior about an era that doesn’t have much documentation.She’s working hard to finish the script so she can start casting as she has someone in mind for the male lead requiring a very wide breath of emotional abilities., adding a thriller-esque element to the traditional weekend family drama fare.There’s a long childhood portion so those wanting to watch leads Ji Hyun Woo, Seohyun, Kim Ji Hoon, and Im Joo Eun will have to wait a few more weeks but hopefully the childhood portion will be narratively engaging and set the stage nicely for the adults to take over.

しかし、結果は前敦の恋は実らず、佐藤建に振られてあきらめきらず取り乱し号泣したらしい。 “ ↑ Which means Oshima Yuko set this Gokon party for Maeda Atsuko….!!! “ I would rather respect her if she really thought she can win Sato Takeru over Ishihara Satomi “ I don’t know about what truth is, but she is not different from AKB Ota to spend money, and go to Handshake events with a slight hope that they might have an actual relationship with members….

“The reporter of the TV show went to the Karaoke Store for the investigation at the scene… ” “ He conducts an interview to you guys at Akihabara~ “Personally I think Acchan can enjoy a love romance.” “Because she made a decision to graduate AKKB48 (it’s no problem).” “Because she has been dubbed as No.1 idol, I’m shocked to see her in such a shabby appearance.” “ They reported that Bunshun had been on the look out for Atsuko’s scandal for one and a half month!!

“ “ I hate how Kansai people are rude…Even their faces are rude…

He was fine with the fact that when I told him I was making dinner I was actually ordering from Seamless.

This is a great books for singles to read, so when they encounter a future relationship, they are ahead of the process and are not ruled by there emotions, God is leading the relationship.

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I love how hardworking she is, always following up quickly lest the iron heat of popularity cools down from her last drama.

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