Hereford granny on cam

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Hereford granny on cam

When he retired, he collected pension benefits from the company and Social Security benefits from the U. His disease left him unable to focus on people talking to him, let alone make decisions about his health or finances.A will that he took out in better days gave his wife durable power of attorney. Court documents say she developed Parkinson’s disease.Roger Curry,” according to court documents filed by the Los Angeles County Office of the Public Guardian.

“We have unconfirmed reports of them being in motels and drifting,” she said.

Two men who said they saw him sitting at the station flagged down a passing ambulance, according to court documents.

When pressed at a hospital, the elderly man uttered the name “Roger Curry.” But authorities weren’t sure if that was his name or some vaguely remembered acquaintance from his past, according to the BBC.

He was placed in a nursing home, where staff found his quiet, gentle demeanor endearing.

He was trapped in his own world, but it appeared to be a peaceful one.

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The elderly man at the bus station was in good health, with a fresh haircut, clean nails and new clothes from a British department store — but he had no idea who or where he was.