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"Exhausting the remaining potential of liberalising trade could bring further increases in prosperity," the experts argued, urging Washington and Brussels to resume stalled talks for a transatlantic trade deal known as TTIP.

Within the European Union, "momentum from France's President [Emmanuel] Macron can give the federal government a tailwind to drive integration forward together," the report said.

They also warned that "one can already identify a shortage of skilled workers in some areas," a risk that will grow as Germany's baby-boomer generation heads for retirement in the coming years.

In particular, we carry out Privacy Compliance Assessment exercise periodically to ensure compliance in respect of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access and enforcement.That was a substantial upgrade from their March forecast of 1.4-percent growth this year and 1.6 percent next year."The German economy is in a powerful upturn," they wrote, so much so that it could be in danger of "overheating", or growing at a pace faster than it will be able to maintain for the long term.Owing to the global nature of Russian Beauty Date's business conducted over the internet, it is practically impossible for us to comply with all applicable laws / rules / regulations (and the like) as may be prescribed by individual country / region / city.We endeavor to adopt internationally recommended “Best Practices” whilst adhering to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, laws of Hong Kong which you must agree to as the applicable law in case of dispute arising herefrom.

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