Who is alex borstein dating

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Who is alex borstein dating

Sherman-Palladino wrote the role of Susie, a butch employee at the Gaslight Café turned manager of Rachel Brosnahan’s Midge Maisel, with Borstein in mind. After HBO cancelled script, “Of course I loved it and I texted her, ‘Fuck you, now what do I do? “I couldn’t possibly say no to it because I don’t know if anything like this would ever come up again.” With that, Borstein, who’s best known for her role on , is back on TV. When I started doing it, people at clubs would say, “Well, you’re very funny but I can’t book you, you don’t have enough jokes per minute.” Then, they were like, “You’re more of an alternative storyteller and you’d have to go to a special alternative night.” Now, it’s blended. It’s so nice not being responsible for the writing.

The actress spoke to Vulture about collaborating with her old friends the Palladinos, what stand-up was like in the 1950s, and why it’s fun to play a woman who isn’t trying to appease anyone. You’ve got a lot of people that are telling stories, doing characters, then there’s a joke, then there’s a character. This is a joke guy, this is a political guy, this is a character person. I listened to a lot more Lenny Bruce, because I’d known a little bit of his work but not tons, so I really wanted to learn more about him.

” I think she’d be terrified to actually be vulnerable on stage.

They’re both great writers as well as directors, so you feel really well supported. Did you ever have any Susies of your own in your life?

"The Jewishness of the show, checkbox, didn't need to study that.

Her being kind of built like a little bulldog, check, didn't have to do much in terms of that," she said.

But it’s very cool getting to bring it back to life and see how relevant it all still is, that women are still having to work doubly hard in this male world.

Both comedy and otherwise, nothing’s changed and yet everything’s changed. scandal, and discussions about sexual harassment in Hollywood in general, people have talked about the limited roles for women in comedy.

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It was like, ‘I'm not going to ever date again,' is how I felt, like, I'm done. A lot of times they say that just to make you feel good about yourself.