Speed fuck chat

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Speed fuck chat

She added that AT&T chose an international trial location in part because the market opportunity extends beyond the United States.And there you all were complaining that the only thing Miura-san was able to do is slap over-fenders onto a bunch of different cars…In case you’re wondering, that’s the name Miura-san has coined for this V2 S14 Rocket Bunny kit.Like most things that look well executed and presented, getting the S14 to accept this new aero treatment wasn’t at all straightforward.Like all the kits that Rocket Bunny produces, the Boss will ship with fitting instructions, but this time around it’s not just a little bit of fender cutting that you have to do – the whole front end of the car pretty much has to come off.

It’s akin to one of those dogs with a squashed nose – like a Bull Dog or Pekingese.Months before we see new cars presented at motor shows we are usually bombarded with spy shots and CG images of said future models, and it isn’t too different when it comes to the aftermarket world. In fact, he’s totally open about sharing his next project with the rest of the world through the countless renderings he teases via his Facebook page.So, long before it materialized in the real world, we all knew this Version 2 Rocket Bunny S14 kit was on the way.But it just couldn’t be 100 per cent complete without the addition of a ducktail spoiler.To me, it’s far more fitting than a bigger wing which would probably act more as an air brake than actually do anything positive for downforce.

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That of course has to be a result for Miura, and I once again tip my proverbial hat in a sign of respect because this stuff isn’t easy.

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