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I received ‘its a match’ but site does not allow me to message the person! Feel cheated after paying for 3 months and should be refunded for the inept service, quite obviously just looking for profit with no service or communication. I rather invest a few bucks in a dating service like mingle2day or eharmony and know that I can expect quality profiles and good customer service.

This dating app connects people by interests and hobbies rather than generic profile stats – and allows people to find dates in their area based on what they like doing.I also received numerous sexual harassing first messages including one of a guy saying he was going to rape me. not all but majority of the guys on there lie, are cheating, using photos from decades ago, if they are even their photos.claim they are looking for a relationship then say they only was sex in a message? they allow people out of spite to report your profile and it gets deleted after two people report you, even if they are lying, two so called men reported my profile and state it in a message to me because I wouldn't reply to their advances for sex? POF does nothing to the abusive users, I guess that's how the scammers keep going on that site.So false tried other dating sites not impressed all the same!You have to fill out profile to be awaiting moderation etc before you get allegedly get a lady looking at you!

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No problem, ‘app’ him up the next day to continue the conversation. Double The dating app as seen on Dragon’s Den, Double takes the awkwardness out of that first date by allowing you to bring a friend – even the profiles are plus one.

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