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Huib reports that it's four years now that Llew and Erin have been together and they are "very solid," good to know. said he'd think about the reunion, he could still surprise us.

Llew is still busy with his business, was driving to Nashville to meet a client when we spoke. was about to fly off to Argentina on a soccer-related errand, and told Ned he stays incredibly busy with the huge new soccer facility he has built in Orange County (see earlier reports in Class News). When Ned pointed out that we may not have too many of these gatherings left, R. swore he is planning to live to 100, so he still has plenty of chances to come.

He mentioned that Kathy also volunteers for an organization called Glass Boots, in Newark, it trains inner-city kids to make glass.

She's often driving over there for board meetings, etc.

We'll see Huib (not Kathy though) at the reunion.recently took a trip to New Orleans, just for fun.

This year, most of the news is good, or even happy. In addition to pain relief and enhanced mobility, his surgeries (one hip at a time, spaced a few months apart) opened a window into modern "medical miracle" technology: The surgical procedure was minimally invasive, on an outpatient basis; he was up and walking within hours and fully functioning within a week or two each time.

This year Anita became a certified yoga instructor and has been extra busy teaching.

MIT's commencement is the weekend of our reunion and Erin's daughter is getting a combined MPA and MA.

They are justifiably proud and planning to spend the weekend enjoying celebrating her accomplishments.

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Huib was hobbling around on a cane...yes, he has two "new" knees, but old ligaments, and one of the ACLs got torn when he was walking the dogs on an icy street a few months ago. Since he can't walk the dogs til he is all better, he drops them off for a day at a "doggie play date" site.

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