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Speeddatingirl com

It was his idea to speed date originally, but once he explained the basic idea to me I was invested.

It makes sense: short, rapid fire dates with people you don't know, thus no one can get hurt. Nate and I were the first ones there, which gave us a perfect view of both our competition and prey as they entered the building.

This worked out fine until I accidentally brought up the Reader.

Originally I was going to do a rundown of all the dates, but I thought that might be a bit monotonous (plus I lost the sheet with the names).

My use of the word "we" was as intentional as the tie and argyle sweater I wrote to the event - I was not alone on this adventure.

Nate, from this website and my own life, was my partner-in-crime (though we did not commit any crimes unless you count breaking someone's heart or second degree assault).

Just like in life, whatever creation story you choose to believe is irrelevant. The ground rules were laid out before we got there: We will be serving wine, beer, soda and hors d'oeuvres.

This probably set the bar a little too high since the first thing my next date said to me was "You aren't Jewish, are you?

" I am, but only on my birth father's side, so I side-stepped the question and turned the topic to Oscar nominated films.

" Both of those questions had the same answer: yes.

The open area filled with ostensible singles and we all mingled to try to mitigate the nervousness of looking for love in such a contrived manner.

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