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If replacing a 6116 RAM instead replace it with a 6264.

Chip Sockets or Machine Pin Strips: keep 8, 14, 16, 18 and 40 pin sockets around. An even better (but more expensive) alternative is "machine pin strips".

They made six street level games: Silver Slugger, Vegas, Deadly Weapon, Title Fight, Car Hop and Hoops. At the time, these games were selling against the likes of Williams Whirlwind (Williams sold more Whirlwinds than all six Gottlieb street level games combined!

) Obviously Gottlieb got their butt kicked by Williams, hence with Cactus Jack, Gottlieb system3 returned to a 'normal' sized game with all the bells and whistles! Their feeling was the game should go out with finished code, and only under extreme stress, to issue updates.

If the top of the leg is lower than the start button, then 27" legs are correct.

Other Notes: "Street level" games was an experiment by Gottlieb at simplier, single level, no ramp, slightly smaller and slightly cheaper games.

If you aren't up to repairing pinball circuit boards yourself or need pinball parts or just want to buy a restored game, I recommend seeing the suggested parts & repair sources web page.

Some people question whether I wrote all this material myself.

In a pinch, the 906 bulb can be used instead of a 904.

The 20N10L or 22NE10L or IRL540 are the best replacements, as they have higher drain current capabilities. It's a strange situation where if this chip is suspect, it can cause boot up problems (or issues when the game is warm.) 6264 RAM: main RAM at U3 for the CPU board.

Note Cueball Wizard and prior System3 CPU games use a 6116 RAM (but these board can be re-socketed for a 6264).

These come in a snapable length they can be custom made to any size socket needed.

But the really good thing about them is they allow complete access to the socket area.

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These can be soldered into a board from the top and bottom.

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